January 19, 2021

Welcome to the Wild! | Venture Africa #1

We’re traveling across the globe to the heart of Africa to witness its ever-changing ecosystem! In this classic ecosystem simulator we’ll be doing our best to keep our habitat in balance so our animals can survive and thrive! From lions to zebras and everything in between, we’ll be exploring Africa’s diverse wildlife. One thing is certain– it’s going to be a wild ride!
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  • one day, i was on my mom's computer, looking at her files, until i saw a file called 'VentureAfrica'. I decided ro open it and suddenly, the start button on the taskbar had different colors, and i couldnt move the mouse so i forced shutdown, then i turned it on again, and everything went back to normal, the file got my bones out of me, so i permanently deleted it and i never saw it again

  • I know this isn't related to the video, but I'm really curious about how beta testing for the wolf quest 3 game is going. Do you mind possibly telling me?

  • Oh it's about time someone did a playthrough of this!

    Pleeeeeasse play Venture actic too!
    Kind of feel like games about polar animals are super rare, just as or much rarer than the Dinosaur games like Saurian.

    Speaking of dinosaur games being super rare, RIP Venture Dinosauria. Was super hyped for that game as a kid.

  • Jay for WolfQuest when my puppies are born my game freezes up a lot and crashes a lot I don’t know y but it dose it’s anoing me idk if it’s the game it’s self or what but if u can let the WolfQuest people know that would be great thank you and I love your videos

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