May 17, 2021

Unboxing Sega Game Gear

I get hold of an old Sega Game Gear and that means it’s unboxing time.

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  • Pimping of the Sega Game Gear will be live on Friday, make sure to hit the bell icon to get NOTIFIED! ❤️

  • Item you were wondering about was the portable rechargeable battery pack .. it’s a brick & even has a clip for your belt .. you plugged your mains adaptor to charge it ..

  • I had a sega gamegear as a kid and i fryed it using the megadrive adaptor. I think i blew the capacitors i was gutted. lol!

  • Didn't the GameGear came out in 1991? Also, how would Pokemon Red & Green(1996) have looked and sounded like on a Sega GameGear? And if these first Pokemon games came out earlier worldwide on April 26, 1991(after Tajiri Satoshi's pitched idea of Pokemon on a GameBoy was rejected by Nintendo the first time, and if he then pitched the idea to Sega on a GameGear and was accepted the first time)? With the GameGear having the same ability to trade Pokemon species between both GameGears using a link-cable?
    Also, what if Pokemon Red & Green(on a Sega GameGear in this alternate timeline) had included features like 256 colors, better graphics, a female player character, 256 Pokemon species, genders, breeding, Eggs, Baby Forms, better-drawn animated sprites, Running Shoes, better PC BOX systems that were introduced in Gen 3, better inventory, a tournament Pokemon League, Mew being obtained normally in-game with its Pokedex number being 255 while Mewtwo is 256th, and if we can battle Prof. Oak as a reward for completing the Pokedex?
    After releasing Pokemon Red & Green much earlier on a Sega handheld, what would've happened from 1991 onwards? How would history have played out for Sega as a hardware developer, GameFreak, the Pokemon franchise, the fans, the community, and the whole world? And how would all of you people have liked it and reacted to all that in an alternate timeline?

  • Replace the cold cathode backlight with an led strip, the batteries will last twice as long.

  • Got mine on launch from what was dixons like you say way ahead of its time got it with sonic n columns in the box I believe then later bought a mickey mouse game and mortal kombat. Was an epic machine was sensible n got N ac adaptor as batteries would last 3 hours. Tops. Unfortunately haven't got it now as died on me about 5 years ago

  • My cousin I had one when we were kids. He was older and stopped playing games after awhile. But he kept his systems laying around. When I'd come over if play Sonic and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Just ordered a refurbished one on eBay for 30 bucks. Excited.

  • The “auto adaptor” was basically a power bank. So you charged it and you could play on the move. Had longer game time than using 8 x AA Batteries. Had a clip on it to fix it to your belt

  • Yes certainly lithium batteries would make the gamegear lighter and also extend battery life greatly.(or use rechargeable ).
    Batteries were a bit thing in the 70s ,80s and 90s because they were hugely expensive.And the cost and trouble of constantly changing batteries really made it expensive and a drag especially as a teenager or kid.
    The gamegear was great,ahead of its time but the screen,great then is deal now.Replace the screen and gamegear is top notch system.

  • Despite the box, it looks in pretty grungy shape. Well used. Picked up one from cash converters a few years back for $18 and it was in much better shape than this.. although no box.

  • I've never owned a GameGear, but one of my classmates from 1st grade(2001-2002) had one along with an 8-Bit Sonic 2. But then a few years later, my older brother had unlocked all 12 Game Gear Sonic titles in our Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut for the Nintendo GameCube and we had six of those Sonic titles again in Sonic Gems Collection.

  • Hopefully the Capacitors don't fail, because i had to replace the capacitors, and i'm only 12! it was a pain.

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