January 17, 2021

Transparent Black – CONFESS MY LOVE SEQUEL (All Endings) Manly Let's Play

Transparent Black is the sequel to Confess My Love, like Confess My Love it all takes place in a classroom in a short time frame, doing things that may or may not involve knives AND FRIENDS.

Transparent Black Info:

“Tsukihime references for all.”

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  • Previous game was much more finished and coherent… I feel like this game's plot is pretty forced.

    The only way to make a nice sequel to Confess my love is for heroine to get tangled with supernatural – those devils H and M or ghost of boy.

    By the way this boy's descriptions are too cringy. Introvertious but kind and popular among girls? Oh, yeah… Sooo believable. Um-hum.

    I'm glad that author moved further and made an amazing Wolf and Rabbit. That – that was a story done right.

  • What would have happened if Willie didn't die though?

    I think that Liza will happily accept his confession, sure she will get a lot of hate from the girls but if Willie is a gentleman as they say, He will protect her at any cost

    and he'll get killed by the yandere friend and this happens all over again, rip

  • This is really interesting to me too. All throughout my life I’ve wondered why I’ve never seen active bullying. It could be that I’m too invested in myself to notice it but I think it’s strange. The closest I’ve come is hearing about a suicide in the grade above me. I didn’t even know the kid. (I did know the bully who wished him good riddance though. He was a real ass.) it’s interesting that someone with a similar experience can develop a story like this. Good job!

  • this kinda makes the first game a bit tragic. if he didnt die and just took the curage to confess,then he might have gotten his heart broken,but they could have been good friends. and it seems that she really needed more of them(also if he didnt die the bulling would have been less extreme,so that would have also been a +)

  • the boy is definitely not a hero. it says that he was born in rich family which could easily made most of the classmates be on his side so then they started to pick on her after his death. the girl barely knew about him and actually had little compassion towards him. i guess confess my love was by no means of any love.

  • only 1 good person? what about Willie, i mean he was nice and died cuz of it. (not really) but you know what i mean.

  • I think, from the game of "Confess My Love", everything the main boy protag had experienced in the fake room he created was part of a fragment of reality the girl, Lisa was in. Remember when the boy said there was a rat smell? It was the dead corpse of Liza's desk stuffed in by her classmates. When he experienced "a nightmare" of Liza going all demon-like and killed him, and when he saw a knife stained in bloof in the cabinet which is what Liza used to kill her classmates and got it from. When "Julia" (who was shown to be a devil in the end) said that Liza was studying in the real world, which she was doing in the beginning. When the boy said that he wanted Liza to embrace and find happiness when in the real world, she was depressed about people talking behind her back when she was blamed at fault for his death even though she had nothing to with it because she didn't know.

  • In case ManlyBadassHeroOfJusticeWeaboo (phew, that was long) didn't touch on it, the word "bitch" is incorrectly used as uh, slut? or whore? by a lot of Japanese people. I thought this game was not from Japan based on the names on the credit (I didn't recognize the characters as Japanese kanji), so maybe the misuse thing isn't exclusive to Japan (or I simply mistook/didn't know the kanji in the names).

    Oh and I made this comment cause it felt like it was used in the aforementioned wrong manner on the the photoshopped picture thing.

    Why Willie found a bloodied knife is because Liza killed her classmates/bullies! And the Nightmare and Escape endings too!

  • 18 rejections.. Well, it really were 18 (1 where she had the black face, and the true ending.) Rest were all rejections in the prequel.

  • 27:26 es la pinches cansion de "IB"
    Y la de … Cómo se llamaba…
    Bue el de la escuela que va a una tipo dimension desconocida

  • dude I normally watch much larger youtubers but you are my new favorite for all the unique games you play and the chill atmosphere without excess of commentary. You're the man, you also play games like a gamer, you don't miss much which I highly appreciate. Keep it up I wanna keep watching.

  • willie's yandere dreams from confess my love where getting on to something bad thing is

    he died and thought that couldn't happen
    and killing her also kinda saved her and everyone else in that one ending

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