June 12, 2021

TNA Impact | All Entrances PS3/Xbox 360/PS2 1080p HD

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  • It Pissed me off that the knockouts were shown to be featured with the beautiful people and more and they didn’t even have women just men I don’t understand why? At least it wouldn’t been nice to have these women in the game but idk y they decided to go with an “all male roster”

  • Back in early 2010s tna had a roster that can go head To head with wwe
    Unfortunetly now tna is almost a dying promotion result of bad booking and a bad management

  • Still one of the most underrated wrestling games of all time, I still have it to this very day and I still enjoy it. I play as Kevin Nash, Christian and Sting the most, I could have wish they gave Nash his wrestling gear in the game instead of a short sleeve two button shirt and blue jeans that he currently wears in the game. Still, even though the entrances are short the graphics are still ok and the game is still playable. I especially could have wish they had the opinion of playing championship title matches in the game and have the title change hands, that would have been fun. But still, even with those few flaws, it's still a fun game no matter what!

  • story mode and hype finsihers and good roster also create a superstar mode this game was so underrated

  • One Thing I Never Liked About This Game Is That The Entrances Were Short Like WTF. That Always PO’d Me Off

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