January 25, 2021

TLC vs QLC: Which is the Fastest SSD?

TLC vs QLC: Which is the Fastest SSD?- Sponsor: Western Digital
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When choosing the fastest SSD 2019 has to offer, you are going to come across the TLC vs QLC decision at some point. You may be curious about the differences between these two SSD technologies – and you may assume that since QLC is newer that it’s likely faster. Western Digital sent over a WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB PC SSD which we compare to a Samsung 860 Evo SSD when looking at speed when doing common tasks. We test things like copying files, transferring files, moving files from an external drive, and opening and saving large PSD files in Photoshop. As you’ll see, there’s a big difference between the two technologies once you start filling the drive with data as it pertains to speed when looking for the fastest SSD for gaming or for general tasks. Let me know what you think of the battle between TLC vs QLC SSD!

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  • Looking for an even faster PCIe SSD? Here a video: https://youtu.be/qvBhZPAws-U – Grab a Western Digital TLC drive here: https://geni.us/wdblue3d

  • I get the impression these QLC drives are bad for work but would be fantastic for games. The focus seems to be reading, so if write speed becomes the same as HDDs, then these would be great for downloading games that require faster access to storage because of larger textures. I had an issue with NFS 2015 on a HDD because it wasn't fast enough to load textures and the car would fall down through the road, but as soon as it was put on an SSD it worked perfectly. QLC seems to be ideal for rectifying that kind of thing. Cheaper than TLC for people who mostly just want to read of the disk rather than write, just like games. Sure the download time wouldn't be great, but once it's on the drive you get the better performance, and the most a game will write to a drive while playing is a teeny tiny save file which 90% of the time is stored on the boot drive anyway. So I don't think these are bad, IF you know how to use them in the right place.

  • you should have clarified that the speed difference isn't about how many layers, there is Dram, one is using LPDDR3, other is using LPDDR4, there is controller, one is using Marvell 88SS1074

    and others using Samsung MJX.

    one using SanDisk 15nm TLC
    Samsung using 64L 3D QLC (dont know the node size)

    so it can be the ram speed difference, the WD using ddr3, but might be clocked higher, might be the bigger amount, the nand from SanDisk might be faster or the marvel controller it is many variables not just the amount of layers for the cell 🙂

    I enjoyed the video coz I was looking for direct comparison (benchmark) between the 2, so I watched it all as it is was useful for my in this occasion but did click dislike coz its misguiding somehow, as it is giving wrong information which actually explains why normal QLC should be faster but in your video, it's slower. it makes sense coz you didn't show the other aspects.

    I hope you fix it with annotations or in the description.

  • it seems i'm in a predicament. i'm either going to choose a Sabrent Rocket Q 2TB NVMe for $230 which is a QLC ssd or a Kingston 1.92TB A400 SATA TLC based drive for $190.
    i figured the speed improvements of NVME wouldve been massive but now im unsure.

  • Sir which of this 2 i should buy it?

    wd blue 3d nand 1tb
    samsung evo 860 1tb

    Because im confuse which those i will pick.

    Thank u.

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