January 19, 2021

The Generation Gap Premiere Episode 1969 (w/ commercials)

The Generation Gap featuring special guests Bill Kenny and Ohio Express (Includes intro to “The Honeymoon Race”).
The Generation Gap was a primetime American game show that aired from February 7 to May 23, 1969 on ABC. It was originally hosted by Dennis Wholey for the first ten episodes, after which he was replaced by Jack Barry. Fred Foy announced during the entire run.

Two teams of three players competed — one composed of people under the age of thirty, the other being people over thirty. At least one member of each team was a well-known celebrity, occasionally playing against a relative on the other team.

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  • When I was a teenager in the late 1970s, I could've easily answered the questions of both generations because I was familiar with alot of older generation music, movies, stars, fashions, and slang as well as of my own generation. I was never 'stuck' in my own generation at any age. I loved Dark Shadows and recognized David from it.The older boy sure does look like Mickey, drummer of the Monkees, and has a deep voice for 17. I never heard of this game, must've been in school. 1969, I was in 2nd grade.

  • I remember this show. I watched it when it first aired. I was a big Dark Shadows fan and wanted to see David Henesey. It was a show I liked back then. I forgot all about it, until I saw it here on YouTube

  • Sounds like a fun game, too bad it didn't last for years.If I had played this at age 13, during 1974, I would have gotten a lot of the older generation questions correct, as I was knowledgeable about a lot of singers, songs, movies, slang, fashions, and culture from before 1953.I remember David of Dark Shadows.That man with the curly hair and sideburns gives me the creeps.He has a boyish face but a deep masculine voice.Freaky.

  • This was a real entertaining find and a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks for uploading and for keeping the commercials. I'd love to see some network retool this and bring it back! Even if some YouTube channel were to redo this, it'd be awesome with current celebrities and past celebrities as both game clues and also playing as contestants. Maybe kids are playing against parents and even grandparents. With people loving to watch kids and older generations react to things, this could be a hit!

  • I thought, judging by the title alone, that this would be silly and gimmicky. But it's actually a pretty decent quiz show that treats the contestants respectfully. The celebrity musical guests are great additions to the show. Too bad this thing apparently didn't take off. I could see a revamped version of this working today. I'd never heard of Dennis Wholey, but he's had quite an interesting career of his own, and he makes a fine host here.

  • What a cool game show! What more could you want – the very talented actor David Henesy of Dark Shadows, The marvelous Bill Kenney, and the yicky Ohio Express all in one show!!

    Apparently it was not a successful show as only 16 eps were made, 10 with Dennis Wholley and 6 with Jack Barry.

  • Reza S. Badiyi, who did the tiles for this show also did the iconic title sequences for The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the original Hawaii 5-0.

  • How ironic that Dennis should ask about "on the wagon" when he was an alcoholic himself! He later wrote the best-seller "The Courage to Change" about just that.

  • The opening credits was way too long. If I tried to shoot a mock game show in film school like "The Generation Gap," all of my classmates critiquing my show would tell me "lose the opening credits."

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