May 7, 2021

The First Rule of Game Theory (ft. Thomas Frank)

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  • there isn't a single mathematics course anywhere in the world that would allow two multiple choice answers to mean the same thing… except Dalhousie…. where I got I got a wrong on a computer generated "false" answer… but generally if two things are the same they're both wrong. Except when it's right and you have a 50% of getting it right with the software. Fuck Dalhousie.

  • as a mathematician and a game theorist I thought you reasoning on your "SAT" game thoerist question was nonsense and I would have eliminated a and d immediately since they're the same answer…

  • This is not a video about game theory. Clickbait? Yeah a video about taking multiple choice tests is not nearly as interesting.

  • I used this method in elementary school. Didn't know it was something called "game theory". To me it was just obvious and basic logic.

  • If you're stumped by the basic math questions on multiple choice standardized tests I bet the deeper logic to work out answers based on gaming against the test writer is going to be beyond you.

  • Game Theory is one of the few really abstract concepts that I wish they'd teach kids way down in grade school. It seems esoteric at first glance, but it is a foundational concept of behavior, not just in games and tests – but in business, politics, markets and so on. Many people will go through life without ever needing to use calculus, or even trigonometry – but Game Theory and the thought processes it teaches you can be used in virtually every walk of life.

  • Ew, multiple choice maths questions. It's so much better to be able to be "close enough" and get partial credit. 😛

  • Itz not very professional, you have to be delayed otherwise its general assumptions that disregard that knowledge oh yeah you got some stuff

  • Bwahaha. I've used these tricks when things got desperate. I tell my kids that the more you do exams the more you can strategise. Haven't told them about this though, maybe I'm feeling a little guilty … nah, not very.

  • 2:18 – But it entirely depends what the question is. If the question is Select from this list things you'd want if you were crossing the desert, then camel and juice would obviously be correct, and the others would obviously be incorrect.

  • In the first question, mathematically speaking, solution a and solution d are the same number as stated in the video. Therefore they can't be the right answer. Don't try to pass it as "d is wrong because it is not simplified". It still is the right answer to the problem if a would be the right answer because it is literally the same number with another representation.

  • I have always been very good at multiple choice tests. Without having ever heard of "game theory" I was using (unconsciously) something similar to these techniques.

  • Game theory failed terribly in 2008, thus proving that it was more of a belief system than a valid mathematical theory.

  • I design my multiple choice answers so that each incorrect answer comes from a specific misconception I am concerned about. Good luck with your game theory, students! Mua ha ha ha ha ha!

  • I hate how this works because I did this on a practice ACT and it worked
    But it's not completely reliable

  • Yes, I use game theory in a few games as well as in gambling scenarios to substantially get far ahead of the competition or the house without letting them realize what strategy I am using. When it works, you are often so far ahead that you could screw up badly the rest of the way in a short test, gaming, or gambling session that you will still have a comfortable edge and/or be in the black at the end

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