November 24, 2020

StarCraft – Original vs. Remastered 4K Multiplayer Graphics Comparison

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StarCraft is getting a remaster in summer 2017. The new StarCraft Remastered offers upgraded graphics & visuals, high resolution widescreen support, improved audio and matchmaking. We compare the graphics of original StarCraft with the Remastered version, all scenes are captured from the closed multiplayer beta. We played in 4K.
Der Echtzeitstrategie-Klassiker StarCraft bekommt im Sommer 2017 ein Remaster. StarCraft Remastered bietet eine verbesserte Grafik, so wurden Einheiten, Gebäude und Terrains überarbeitet. Außerdem unterstützt es nun Breitbild und Auflösungen bis zu 4K. Blizzard hat zudem am Sound geschraubt und das Matchmaking optimiert. Die Szenen, die wir im Video vergleichen, stammen aus der geschlossenen Beta. Wir haben in 4K Auflösung gespielt.

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Music: StarCraft OST – Terran Theme

System used in this video:
GameStar-PC Ultra
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Intel Core i7 6700K 4.00 GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ASUS ROG Strix OC
MSI Z170A PC Mate Mainboard
Windows 10 Pro 64bit


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  • My comparison of StarCraft Original vs. Remastered. This is Multiplayer only, scenes are from the closed beta.
    All scenes were captured in 4K, the video is also availble in 2160p60.
    Candyland on Facebook:
    Candyland on Twitter:

  • I don't know man.. i don't like the remastered version. maybe it's because of the colors especially on zerg. The buildings look like they are polished that your hands are gonna slip off also, they removed that "eew" surface that really adds up to the alien look on them. The movement of units are somewhat robotic (compare how the zerg drone moves in the original) and lastly, the creep spread looks like someone did a janitorial work on it that the units can trip and fall and have hip fractures later in the game. I mean, this is not how you see insects and big animals in real life. There is some roughness, asymmetry and blurriness on it that makes it more real. for me, the graphics suck and i'll stick to the original. But that's just me.

  • While this certainly is a nice remaster, and faithful to the original, I think I prefer the original. To me, they have a timeless look. And the portraits are much better in the original(like seriously the remastered firebat is not very good looking.) Overall, the original will age much better in my opinion.

  • Im not really into rts games but the StarCraft series is just so good it lets me forget everything i don't like about rts games

  • I like the remastered. But I have to admit that the original StarCraft had a cinematic look. And the remastered is more cartoonish.

  • No increase in framerate? I am not too sure whether I like the new version better, yes clearer but still feels outdated. It looks weird, modern, and sharp but clumsy in regard to animation. I really would have loved a more creative remake. I know the Chinese or Japanese don't like touching the game probably 😀

  • For me, to be honest. This is what a remaster should look like. It smoothes things out and it keeps the old flair. The new graphics is what i saw back then.

  • The HD loses a lot of color and shadows. Plus it misses the character with in the original. I never owned watched or played a Starcraft game in my life but even I can tell the small differences. But they did an amazing enough job I’d say. It’s hard to carry over the character from the original when your job is to copy the old

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