January 28, 2021

Stack Data Structure in C++ Programming (using arrays) | All Stack Operations | Part – 2

In this data structure tutorial we will be implementing stack datastructure and all its standard operations. We will implement stack using arrays in c++ programming language.
Following are the stack operations –
1) push() –
Place an item onto the stack. If there is no place for new item, stack is in overflow state.
2) pop() –
Return the item at the top of the stack and then remove it. If pop is called when stack is empty, it is in an underflow state.
3) isEmpty() –
Tells if the stack is empty or not
4) isfull() –
Tells if the stack is full or not.
5) peek() –
Access the item at the i position
6) count() –
Get the number of items in the stack.
7) change() –
Change the item at the i position
8) display() –
Display all items in the stack

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  • Isn't it better to start the loop from top in the function display? So we won't see all the 0s but only the values which have been pushed.

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