November 22, 2020

SIMPLE & CHEAP Church Stage Design Ideas [Real Examples]

Church stage design can feel intimidating – especially if you’re a smaller church.

But here’s the good news: you CAN design a stunning church stage on a budget.

And by the end of this video, you’ll know exactly how – and I’ll share with you five churches that are implementing these cost-saving stage designs as inspiring examples.


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Featured Resources & Additional Links:

1x2x8 Wood Boards

LED Strip Tape

Example #1 – Worship Leader Hangout:

Example #2 – The Well (Geneva, IL) – Church Stage Design Ideas:

Example #3 – Palm Valley Church (Mission, TX) – Church Stage Design Ideas:

Example #4 – Dunn’s Creek (San Mateo, FL) – Church Stage Design Ideas:

Example #5 – Praise Church (Beaumont, TX) – Church Stage Design Ideas:

3 Small Church Stage Design Ideas

Safety Disclaimer: Fire and rigging safety is important and differs per region so please be mindful.

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  • Wow, somebody have gave me some white LED tape actually from a church food pantry that no one wanted oh, I actually took it home I put it around the track of my mirrored wall and it looks awesome, it also made me think to go on Amazon and order some for my church and go around the columns in our sanctuary and drum Shield

  • We are a smaller (approx. 125) church that can seat about 250-275 and has big windows that have blackout screens so that part isn't a real problem for us. However, we have all white walls and a lot of our people (the ones who are little more vocal) don't like a dark room. I even have a couple of people on the Worship Team who like to see the people in the congregation. Is there any type of designs we can do that don't require the entire room to be quite as dark as usually preferred?

  • We have been using iLux lights. They work through an app on your iPad or tablet and you can completely control them. They have flood lights, strip lights… just about anything you need. You can customize them, set groups or scenes… very inexpensive and simple to use. You can find them on Amazon

  • I'd like to get the LED strips with DMX on the ends so I can add them to the light board. I'd rather not use a dimmer pack. Any one have any recommendations on LED Strips with DMX? Or at least a converter/adapter/driver for DMX?

  • My small church has a lot of natural light coming in through windows, we are not a church that blacks out the sanctuary, are there any ideas for us, even on a low budget?

  • The opening of this video from 0-1:30 is exactly what’s wrong with church these days, they said it it’s not about stage design or outdated design in general, that stuff isn’t all that important. I need to and I’d advise other church leaders to find that poll that they were talking about and find out the real reason why millennials aren’t attending church.

  • I just bought these same led’s for an arcade Cabinet a week ago and now you are talking about this😂😂

  • Would love to see some ideas for churches that have a lot of windows. We have a lot of natural light because of a skylight and side windows (which is great on saving energy). We also have white walls and a high wood-beam ceiling, so painting everything black isn't really an option.

  • Whaa- I was just recommended this video: from two years ago, yesterday. It's like the algorithm knew what was coming.

  • Got any tips for churches that have a high level of ambient light? Our church has somewhere around 40 large windows and blacking them all out would be expensive (not to mention unpopular with the congregation). So those lighting ideas wouldn't work too well.

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