January 19, 2021

Shelf Hacks Mods and improvements (Game Room Display Ideas)

The Shelf is where it all begins and ends when it comes to displaying games. Most of us have a shelf we use to house our games. I’ve found a few awesome ways to Mod Hack or otherwise improve your existing shelf. These Ideas are non permanent and the couple that are Diy are incredibly easy to pull off. Thank you for checking it out I really love these game room display Ideas! Collect what you love! Sending in a photo for Disk Cart? Send it to Isitgameeast@gmail.com !

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  • Bro !I thought of that foam core thing before but not knowing that they made half inch thanks for the info awesome. Just discovered your channel yesterday and I'm digging it alot.

  • I back my shelves with the "reusable" bags they sell at the 99cent store. They are 1 dollar and they have so many cool characters 🙂

  • I love the foam board risers. I saw this, walked to my garage and made one with scrap wood. I’ve been trying to figure out how to fill out my cubed shelves without success…until now!

  • Love the mod hack for the ikea shelves, cutting up extra shelves really makes it look so much better. Thanks for sharing that idea I’ll be doing that soon. Really liking the starlink display and what to put behind items. Loving this channel so much Sir, one of the most Unique gaming channels on YouTube

  • Do you have a solution for propping up game systems. I want stuff like my SNES, N64, etc tilted forwards slightly. Some kind of wedge shape would be good. I can't find anything. Maybe some kind of rubbery foam would work because it would grip the system without the need for lips (which would need to be different for every system shape). Any ideas on materials?

  • Do you have any suggestions on how to display old game instruction books? Want to protect as well as display.

  • The weatherstrip behind the games is great, again I was using cardboard for that (made a cardboard wedge). Always great ideas DC!

  • I love the content! I was thinking how you can use the foam board cover the back of the shelf and stick a poster to cover all four squares and not see the cables of your devices.

  • When it comes to some of these IKEA shelves, do you have an idea first of where you want a shelf, or order one you like and then find a space for it? If the former, do they often have something that will fit the area you may have measured out for it?

    I really do like the tiered displays–it's really working well. The use of the Pop Figure boxes–we did something similar back in the day with DS/3DS boxes and similar sizes for Famicom games on our shelves since the carts are so small. It was a nice way to push them forward to the end of the shelf for a flush lineup.

  • Hello disk cart , I have a question about matching. If your walls are brown what color shelving would you recommend getting ? Or say a baby blue or even a green wall ? I wouldnt think black because of dust but people say black goes with everything and I really dislike the fake brown wood shelfs they are so hideous and old looking. Trying to make my room pop.

  • I’ve been looking for risers for my billy shelves. Do you know of anything that could be purchased? Ideally I wouldn’t need to bother with a DIY project.

  • Hey man. I'm moving house in a couple of weeks, and I'm setting up my game room in the loft conversion. My issue is that a lot of the walls are slanted to match the slope of the roof, so hanging shelves will prove an issue. Have you had any experience hanging level shelves on a sloped wall?

  • Great idea for the shelves !! I need to try more of your idea 😁 Thanks for sharing people collection in the end of the video love to see other people setups !! 😀

  • Love it! I had the patreon swag you sent waiting for me when I got back from Gencon. Thank you so much!

  • Man breaking out the T-square, are you an engineer? Some great ideas. I have used some pieces of wood and some command strips to make the spines of my switch games match the depth of the spines of my Wii u games. I just don't like seeing them sunk back at a different depth. Great designs here! I would like to see more ideas you have about bookends to keep games that do not fill a shelf from falling over.

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