January 17, 2021

Samsung SSD 960 Evo 500GB Review: Still Super-Fast but Is It Worth It?

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500GB –
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Samsung SSD 960 Evo 500GB Review: Still Super-Fast but Is It Worth It?

0:00 – Intro
0:39 – Pricing Info
1:02 – Enter the EVO!
1:21 – Spec talk…
2:00 – 960 Pro vs. 960 Evo
3:09 – Warranty & Endurance
3:57 – Capacities & Pricing
4:22 – Power Figures
5:20 – AS SSD Benchmark Sequential
5:41 – AS SSD Benchmark 4K-64 Thread
5:55 – AS SSD Benchmark Access Time
6:13 – 7-Zip Extraction Test
6:34 – File Copy Test
6:54 – Windows 10 Boot Test
7:30 – Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Load Test
8:08 – Conclusion
8:33 – Overkill?
9:37 – Good Value
10:27 – Outro


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  • Check Samsung SSD 960 Evo prices now:
    250GB – http://amzn.to/2gL1L41
    500GB – http://amzn.to/2h13hgD
    1TB – http://amzn.to/2gYfgvc

  • I had built a gaming PC using this Samsung 960 EVO M.2 NVME SSD on my PC.

    I have uploaded a video when I built my PC.

    Happy with it so far. Good review points, thank you for sharing.

  • Hey Hardware I currently do Video Editing on my Note book 9 pro and it laggs alote for the most part when adding effects ,with this upgrade with the 960 eco ssd with it make it faster and not make it Lagg so much ? Thanks and great video

  • I have a question, how does this stack up to something like the Samsung 860 evo sata m.2? I realize it is not Nvme so it's not as fast. I just want to know how it stacks up to traditional modern SSD's. I bought one yesterday for video game storage.

  • I just ordered a 960 pro, the 512GB model, planning to use it as a boot drive for Windows 10. I hope for sub 10 second boot times.

  • just to give people time differences . . .
    It takes me around 8 minutes from hard reset to go on Overwatch title screen where you can select play 😀 -50sr
    for SSD the time would have been under 1 minute easy ^_^
    now last windows update made it so that overwatch opens in windowed and then won't go full screen 🙁 but that is another thing

  • The problem is that you don‘t only need to „dig a little deeper“, to get the 960 pro version, but you pay more than DOUBLE the price. One of our big online retailers just offered the Samsung 950 Evo 500 GB SATA for only 110.- Euro, while the Samsung 512 Pro NVMe still costs around 265.-Euro.

    And from the manufacturer‘s point of view there is hardly any difference between SATA and NVMe, that would justify the huge price difference. It‘s just all about making money. Look at RAM and GPU prices, people are still paying whatever they‘re asking for.

  • I got the 960 evo (256gb) which I use as the boot drive. Being a gamer, I agree the difference isn't mind blowing as compared to a good SSD, but I chose the NVMe because I just like the look of it, plus I was able to use my old SSD in my brother's PC which was using a WD mechanical drive as the primary drive…..lil bro gets the 'hand me down' PC parts…;)

  • Nice Video. I would like to a see a Comparison of 2x nvme 1 tb 960 evos in raid 0 vs 1 nvme 2 tb 960 pro.

  • You have overlooked another difference. The read speed stays constant, even if you read out the whole drive in one go. But this isn’t the case with write speeds, no matter, what the spec sheet says. After writing a certain amount of data to the drive, which is depending on the drive size (4GB on the 250GB model, 6GB on the 1TB model) the write speed drops down severely, to around SATA level performance. The actual drive doesn’t perform much better than that in write speeds. It’s the TurboWrite Cache you need to look at, if you want the whole story, though admittedly it’s not that probable for a gamer to ever fill up that write cache fast enough to throttle the writing performance.

  • Photoshop or Capture One as Editing time on RAW images…. Nikon D850 images in RAW are huge on a 46MP camera so I can see this is helpful on editing …. I was reading if your editing 4K video you should get the Pro

  • In a few hours I'm heading to my local computer store to pick up a 960 EVO – 500GB.

    I would love to see a video on how to make the switch over from HDD to the 960 EVO in Windows 10 Home 64.

    Anything I should be aware of to make this painless?

  • For me an important thing is that 960 Evo does not overheat, even during a long writing. If I would need it for my desktop – I would probably go with 500gb Pro and would add an simple radiator in top, but in laptop I would definetely go with EVO as it does not heat up in enclosure. Probably, a thermal pad to metal casin could help, but i do not want to add anything to mylaptop, that could overheat. Probably, i would even use Intel NVME driver for less energy consumption, even if it makes SSD slower…

  • 1) The 960 Evo wont be able to sustain its maximum write speed that long. After around 5GB, it will drop down to 300 MB/s. (Yes, three-hundred – that’s no typo!) Only the 960 Pro can sustain that write speeds for as long as you might need. The reason is the 960 EVO‘s Memory Type. The TLC memory used within the 960 EVO really IS that slow. But the 960 EVO is equipped with a write-cache, which is being filled with Data to be written to the TLC memory. Once you filled up the Cache, you see the real write speed of the TLC memory. TLC will be able to read as fast though, so its a question of your work pattern.

    2) Datacenters aren’t the only use case capable of getting to the TBW Limit of 400TB. Every video content creator is capable of getting to that within 4-5 Years. That being said, 400 TB will be enough for home use, even within a lifespan of 10 Years, given the fact, that the probable TBW could be MUCH higher than the TBW guaranteed by Samsung.

  • The only problem with the EVO is it's buffer, if it gets full the write speed drops considerably. I use a Samsung 850 Pro in my PC and I doubt I would be able to tell the difference between it and the 960, because of the type of use, mostly watching videos, answering computer related questions on YouTube, playing games and very little content creation. – Thank you for this video.

  • Easy, use a 250 gb one. Also get a harxd drive, may be slower but it's worth the patience for loading up games if you are a gamer.

  • Thanks for this video! I've been stuck on whether to get two 250GB Samsung EVO M.2 drives and set them up in raid or just go with one 500GB Samsung EVO M.2 drive. This is my first build and just did it as a learning experience. Currently I'm using a 140GB SSD that I took from my laptop just to load windows. I will be sure to subscribe for more video's.

  • Not much of a difference in price between the evo and the pro here in Ausralia atm.
    Pro 512gb = $311.2 Evo 500gb = $287.2. I think I will buy the Pro.

  • Can you please make a video on How to Install Samsung 960 Evo 500gb on Dell Inspiron 7567, and make it as the primary boot drive. plsss thank you

  • For 127 bucks now 250gb 960 pro in august 2017 im gonna get this for my ryzen build.350 for 1700x with mobo and 16gb 3200mhz ram for 115 frys has good sales sometimes.

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