July 19, 2021

Samsung 960 Pro & Evo Review | The fastest SSDs?

Looking for the fastest NVMe SSD you can get? Samsung thinks it’s their 960 PRO drive – with the better value for money drive the 960 EVO coming in close second. I take a look at the 1TB 960 Pro and the 250GB 960 EVO M.2 SSDs here!

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Samsung 960 Pro & Evo Review | The fastest SSDs?


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  • Brilliant video. You are the only one I've seen mention thermal throttling and SLC buffer concerns. You also helped me understand why exactly the Pro is so much more expensive. Thank you!

  • Hope U don't take this the wrong way but :
    Did U ever look t the Closed caption of your videos … They can't understand you either … I under stand you are British but if U want good or better videos PLEASE slow down and enunciate. Other than that I find if I watch over and over I petty much get what U are saying.

  • Right now I can either get a 512 pro for $300 USD or a 500 Evo for $235 USD
    Is it worth the premium for the extra speed and MLC?

  • hola buena tengo el ss pro de sausm el 960 con una placa gigabyte game 9 x299 y el procesador core i9 a mi en el programa de test me esta arrojando uno 2700 y 1900 que estoy haciendo mal por que a mi no me da tatqta velocidad , ayuda

  • Ok theres a 960 evo 250gb for 127 is there a pro 250gb thats any different cuz im building a ryzen 1700x with mobo for 350 and 16gb 3200mhz for 125 i want to use the 250gb for a boot drive so is evo and pro that different?

  • Hello Techteam ,I have a question about the M.2 setting in my motherboard ( z170 pro gaming asus) I have the 960 evo but do I have to change the settings in the bios to get faster speeds ? Example, from M,2 sata to pci-e ? Thank you

  • You need to install the proper Evo driver from Samsung's site to get more performance. I have the OEM version that scored 1903 but after I installed the driver the test jumped to 3780.

  • This is definitely a £100 saver because i was thinking on going for the pro but for what i want the Evo is just better value for money!! 🙂 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Have you used them in raid 0? I've a 950 pro and I was thinking to do a 960 pro raid 0 upgrade, but I've seen and read a lot of mixed reviews about it, some say that the performance increase is marginal (due to the chipset bottle-necking the drives, btw I'm using X99), but others say it's mind-blowing, not twice as fast, but pretty close. What do you think it is?
    Awesome videos, big fan btw

  • I have the 950 Pro 512gb and I love it. I got it just before they announced the 960 :(.
    They are awesome drives and I can highly recommend them to give huge system improvement.

  • Im looking forward to their updated versions this october, maybe they will saturate the m.2 interface.

  • Great review as always. Its my next upgrade, but here in brazil even the 250 evo is RIDICULOUSLY PRICED! (4x what you guys pay). Cheers from Brazil my dear!

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