October 26, 2020

Samsung 860 EVO Review and Installation

The newest edition to the world’s best-selling SATA SSD series, the Samsung 860 EVO. Specially designed for mainstream PCs and laptops, with the latest V-NAND and a robust algorithm-based controller, this fast and reliable SSD comes in a wide range of compatible form factors and capacities.
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  • Anything is better than the HDD I have. It keeps making a random high acute squeak sound once in a while. Then, the other day my computer crashed mid game and so I had to reboot. I am on a laptop playing the Sims 4. Will eventually start building my own PC, but for right now, getting some practice in.

  • Ssd makes a huge difference my opinion ssd should be the first upgrade you should do. I put an ssd in a PlayStation 4 and a laptop I’ve had for a couple of years soon as I booted the drive it was like a brand new computer the speed was very noticeable.

    Also if you plan on upgrading to an ssd for your laptop. More than likely you will need a usb to sata cable I know some Samsung model’s come with them but I know the 500gb ssd doesn’t. I needed one to clone my old hdd to the new ssd.

    And Samsung does offer a free data migration for cloning it seems pretty straight forward too and the also offer Samsung magician so you can see how the drive is working, temp, health etc…

  • Как определить в Самсунг Ева 860 тип памяти MLC или TLC ?250 гигабайт!

  • Your content seems good but the intro gave me an instant headache, compounded by the annoying background music. I could not watch to the end.

  • How did you make the SSD include your operating system, and how to delete it from the HDD because im going to make the SSD my boot drive.

  • will the performance of this ssd differ in hardware specs?because i have a core2 quad processor with performance output SAMSUNG MAGICIAN BENCHMARKING SEQUENTIAL READ 257 WRITE 244 IOPS READ 19K WRITE 9K.

  • Dear Sir,

    I would like to request you to help me as early as possible..
    I have HP machine Intel Core 2 Duo with DDR2 RAM Size=4GB, Hard Disk Size=250GB

    Now I want to Replace Old Hard Disk by SSD Hard Disk samsung 860 evo 250 GB OR 500 GB.

    Is it possible for This CPU OR have to go with samsung 850 evo ?

    If you have any specifications on this issue… Please Share over here

    I have to buy this as early as possible for my study purposes with help and support of yours

    Kind Regards,
    Basavaraj, India.

  • Dudeee your pc is too at mine (same case, same intel i5 6600k, same ram but with that mine 2400 mhz)

    Thanks a lot.

  • my case doesn't have the slot for it to go above the drives, am i suppose to install a place for the SSD to slide into?

  • Hello my friend.what are the differences between Evo and Pro?Is it true that as bigger as the faster SSD hard drive?i've heard that the bigger ones have a better performance. is that true?

  • I want to buy ssd for my desktop having motherboard – Gigabyte f2a58m-s1, can you tell me which will be good for me?

  • i have t440s Thinkpad laptop with 180gb ssd ,is it worth to bye Samsung 860 EVO, which i means is it will increase the speed or just increase my laptop the size ?

  • Hey so i have a Sata 2 HDD and a sata 3 motherboard,if i get a samsung 860 evo,500gb, 2.5,sata 3 will i be able to utilise it ?

  • Hi. I want to buy 250gb ssd 860-EVO. Is this compatible with Windows 10? I have 2013 Samsung laptop. Thanks

  • I haven't been able to find a direct answer elsewhere yet so: Is this intended to be an outright replacement drive or can I install this simultaneously with my old HDD drive? Basically, I need to know if I can keep my previous data intact and use this purely for higher speed needs like running games and what have you.

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