January 17, 2021

PSP/PSP GO 6.61 Category Lite Plugin! (Organise Your Games) 2017!

Hi guys, Tech James here,

For this video, I will be showing you guys how to install a Category Plugin for your PSP/PSP GO running 6.61 CFW! With this plugin, you can sort your PSP apps, emulators & games into folders.

This video is for educational purposes only.

➤ (Category Plugin 6.61):


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  • If you're using PSP Go, there is a new version of this plugin that you need to use. Also make sure the file path inside the VSH file is ef0, not ms0.

  • Noob question: Will this work on Adrenaline 6.61?
    Update: I can confirm that this works on PS Vita running Arenaline 6.61.

  • Where do you copy DLC folders that usually live in root/PSP/GAME/<DLC folder> ?
    Do the DLC folders stay where they would ordinarily be installed to or do they need to be copied into that game's respective CAT_ folder (ex: root/PSP/GAME/CAT_Games/<DLC folder>)?

  • The link you have in the description is not the same one in the video (checked). Does not work on 6.61

  • For anyone struggling with the PSP GO 61.1 not showing the file name, Make sure it is in a categorylite folder, and if using internal memory, use ef0, also when putting names, it worked with the 1.7 catogory light, and 2 letters before the name, so i had to use "CAT_PPPsn"

  • ok. tried it for the 2nd time. did it like you did it in your video. created folders with cat_ still freezed!

  • maybe i did somethin wrong. i have a psp go. plugin installed and works. the new option is available in the settings menu. but the folders doesnt show up correctly. it got freezed and rebooting everytime i scroll down the folder menu. dont know why. hope some one can help me

  • The GDrive link does not contain the files used in the video. And there is no mediaFire link in the description.

  • So this plugin doesn't let you see/hear each game's unique image and only displays the name like if you had pressed Square in the game selection without the plugin? Kind of a bummer…

  • This video was useful.
    I do have one question. How dose this work with official downloaded games from psn?
    I'm finding PS1 games work fine but psp games don't. I don't know of I'm doing it wrong or not

  • i finally want to rearrange and do all this and use but download as of today isnt like vid. Theres no vsh text in the folder downloaded. Took a while but used common sense and copied everything where it needed to be and already have a good background messing with psp so i figured it out.

  • Can you do this video again with a better explanation? I'm a little confused on how to do this, and the file I got from the Google Drive it's a little different from the video.

  • Found an error in VSH.txt in the downloaded file. Instead of "ms0:/seplugins/categorylite/category_lite.prx 1"…. It should be "ms0:/seplugins/category_lite.prx 1"

  • to u guys who didn't get the vsh.txt all u have to do is that make a vsh txt in ur psp or if u have one then all u have to do is that when tech james copies the line in the vsh to his psp u have to pause it there then activate the full screen then just type it on ur psp vsh txt

  • Hello Bro THANK YOU 4 This tutorial but i got 2 Question:
    1. Why If I play the game on psp it pops up to me that the data is damaged but it normally works wtf can you make a folder in a folder ?
    2. Where to put the covers, etc. under the folder, in what format they should be
    I use this same PRO PSP Firmware but CFW 6.60 and not see All Folder

  • tech james i know u are a master of the psp, psp go and all the other handhelds but in this plugin i didn't see the vsh text so can you please do something for it

  • I have a psp 3000 with pro-c infinity and i keep getting theme error 80108351. What can i do to fix it?

  • Having problems with this. I don't get the added categories menu in system settings. Running psp-1000 cfw 6.61 pro – c

  • Seems really slow, from a fresh re-boot, whenever I click a category to open, it takes about a minute before the menu appears. Maybe because I have lots of games. Without the plugin, the menu/games-list loads within a couple of seconds.

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