January 17, 2021

PS Vita Game Categories Lite Plugin On Adrenaline!

Hi guys, Tech James here,

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to get the Game Categories Lite Plugin working on your PS Vita. You must add this line of text to Adrenaline’s VSH.txt “ms0:/seplugins/category_lite.prx 1”

This video is for educational purposes only.

➤ (GC Lite 1.6):


➤ (Face Reveal):

Music: Chill – Lo-fi Hip-Hop (

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  • Is there a way to make the games also be listed in alphabetical order? My PSP games are listed in the order that I've installed them

  • For some reason my CAT_Playstation folder still has psp and ps1 games mixed all over the place even though I seperated them into their own folders. I'd appreciate any help! thank you

  • I'm one Tech James video away from solving my issues. Finally wanted to clean up my Vita's Adrenaline setup (to match my original PSP setup), and ran into issues once I installed the Categories Lite plugin (games disappeared from Adrenaline menu!). Your walk through saved the day again. Note, I was able to do all the text and folder edits inside Vitashell 🙂

  • Just one thing to note, if you have a lot of folders and many titles, this thing is going to crash hard. I tried with 700 titles and 27 folders (alphabet) and it was un-usable. To fix this i split it down to 7 folders (100 each) and now this MOSTLY works. after switching around folders i have to VSH reload, but whatever… it works enough to get to the games i want and a vsh load is quick.

  • My pspemu folder only has an ISO and PSP folder no seplugins or the other folder you had? Is it like when you you have no PSP folder until you add a PSP game? Thanks in advance!

  • Hi great tutorial thanks, but just so people know as i didn't (but then i'm not too bright with this kind of stuff) but if you dont have the seplugins folder or vsh.txt file in your pspemu folder you can just create it.
    Also this works but none of the games are in order within those folders created. I was looking to have all my games in alphabetical order, how does this work?

  • Is there a limit to how many folders you can make?
    I like to do:
    PSP Games (A)-(Z)
    PSX Games (A)-(Z)
    etc. etc.

  • Great Tutorial, I have a question. Will changing the names of my PSP ISO files corrupt or affect them in any way? I'd like to change them so they appear in alphabetical order, since the actual file names aren't listed as so.

  • Thanks for this! My Adrenaline is now neater to look at. Only thing is that you don't have to put your DLCs in a folder; my Metal Slug XX didn't have Leona after I put her DLC in a folder. After I placed it outside it worked again. Thankfully you won't see the DLC in the interface so it won't look obnoxious.

  • All I really wanted was Pkgj to work and I’m dumb so idk how to hack stuff lol but I bought a hacked pstv on eBay for $200 and it has all most nearly all updated hacks and pkgj.

    A pstv is normally a few hundred if your just trying to buy one and if it’s an auction ppl bid high af so I got really lucky with it lol

  • How were you able to have the sony logo at the startup of adrenaline at 5:27 with a cxmb theme? I thought it would freeze your console.

  • Dude vita homebrew is just nuts getting a vita is a bit expensive though at least 150$ for the ones that looked in decent shape

  • I need help, i accidentally click reset taihen config. txt on h-encore now i cant play my games. how to fix it?

  • I can't get used to that adrenaline thing me I just took it back off and use other random ones.. any news on the ds emu yet that you told us about a few days back?

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