January 18, 2021

Name Reveal of Mystery Man! Tricking RZ Twin in Smurf Disguises for 24 Hours. Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo competes in giant Smurfs game for a face reveal of the mystery man.

Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours as an Egyptian princess challenge to win Game master device. Matt and Rebecca then realized Maddie was taken while spending 24 hours escaping train for face reveal of mystery person. The GameMaster network learned the Game Master is bad after spying on mystery person to find clues about switch up. Rebecca decides to trick the mysterious man at a giant smurfs game in real life. The best friends invite him to audition for a role in a Smurfs movie. Rebecca and Maddie are in disguises as smurfette one and two, while Daniel is disguised as papa smurf. The Halloween hacker pretends to be the casting director for the smurfs lost village movie. We try to get the mystery man to do a face reveal but he wants to stay in character as brainy smurf. The first round of auditions is a smurfs tik tok dance challenge where we must learn how to do choreography. The ice cream sundae challenge we must try to chose the best toppings. Rebecca’s cousin Maddie gets her worst fear of hot sauce and pickle juice. Gargamel appears and it turns into a hide and seek chase. Rebecca finds the best hiding spot in her room and spies. Gargamel does a face reveal and it’s RZ twin. She lets the mystery man escape and we don’t know if we can trust him. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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