June 10, 2021

Mastermind Review

Review: 5/5
Fun Puzzle & Exercises Your Brain, But Okay Construction.

This is a fun puzzle to crack the code using deductive reasoning. It exercises your brain and still seems like a lot of fun, but isn’t too hard from an adults perspective. Adults can crack the code with good deductive reasoning in 5-6 tries on average once you get the hang of it, but you could still sit there working it out for a bit so it isn’t over too fast. If you are feeling lazier you can just use more guesses. It is more challenging if the code contains two pegs of the same color, so you can choose to make it easier or harder by the code you choose. I have not tried Advanced Mastermind, but that should make it a lot more challenging due to the increased number of possible combinations. Overall my wife and I have enjoyed playing this once in a while.

The only negative is a so-so construction of this version of the game. It works out fine. The pegs do not all fit int he compartment, so I have to keep emptying some before storage and adding them back when we play. The small scoring pegs can intermix with the larger code pegs if you aren’t careful and will have to dig through the larger peg section to separate them. The smaller scoring pegs do not fit easily into the holes. It should be easier to insert and remove. The pegs are either inconsistently created or the holes are not precise. A few large pegs had small heads too which seemed strange, although not a problem. The compartment for the code maker is nice in that you can flip it down to expose the code when it is solved, but it is a little tough to get the pegs in there with the shield in the way and out when you are done. Also there is no way to completely cover the code if you want to walk away, so it is just the honor system.

Product Title: Mastermind (by Pressman Toy)
Model: 3018-06B

Nguồn: https://sam-pointer.com/

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