July 27, 2021

Install FREE SSL on Subdomains using Let's Encrypt on Digital Ocean Server | Part 2 @SilverFoxA

How to get a FREE SSL certificate on Subdomain on Digital Ocean ubuntu apache server using Let’s Encrypt certbot. In this video, we discussed how to add or install FREE SSL using Let’s Encrypt Certbot on Digital Ocean for your primary domain which is running on Ubuntu. Also, avail a 100$ Free DigitalOcean Credit to host your website on DigitalOcean Droplet.

100$ FREE DigitalOcean Credit :

FREE SSL Certificate using Let’s Encrypt certbot on DigitalOcean VPS — PART 1

Setup CloudFlare with your DigitalOcean droplet, Godaddy

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3. Install multiple WordPress :

4. How To Install Composer and Configure Slim Framework

5. Install & Setup WordPress on DigitalOcean using one-click apps :

6. Setup CloudFlare with your DigitalOcean droplet, Godaddy:

7. Install Laravel 5.6 using composer & installer on DigitalOcean: using Laravel Installer:

8. How to upgrade from PHP 7.0 to PHP 7.1 on Ubuntu DigitalOcean VPS – LAMP/Apache:

9. Setup DNS from GoDaddy with DigitalOcean Host – Custom Domain Name setup VPS:

10. How to connect to DigitalOcean using PuttY SSH on Windows

11. Install FREE SSL on Subdomains using Let’s Encrypt:

12. Connect DigitalOcean Droplet to sFTP to upload project files using FileZilla:

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