June 9, 2021

I Built a Multi Speed Transmission Using Gears! (Scrap Mechanic Gameplay)

Hey everyone back with more Scrap Mechanic! Today we are looking at a new gear mod that works amazing and as a result I attempt to build a working multi speed transmission setup!

Gears Mod:





About Scrap Mechanic:


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  • Piston power engine to the transmission and then having differentials where needed? And I know this would get super complicated and stupid and probably be impossible but would it be possible to also fit this out with an adjustable double Wishbone suspension setup? And would it be possible to set it up using logic to be able to shift between manual transmission and automatic transmission? Making a hyper realistic and controllable off-road car essentially?

  • You could make an automatic without the RPM sensor.
    If the rear axle was mounted to horizontal suspension, you could put a sensor in front of the wheels to downshift when the vehicle meets too much resistance, and a sensor at the back to upshift when the vehicle is just cruising with no resistance at all.
    To tune the shifting, just adjust the strength of the suspension.

  • Hi, sorry for my broken english, you have an incorrectly constructed transmission, you have connected the movement to the secondary shaft, and you need to connect to the primary shaft, please study the documents and drawings of genuine transmissions, good luck)

  • You could maybe have a dummy gear on a shaft that follows the main drive gear ( like a rest on a lathe) that has the purpose of absorbing the flex when all that torque is transferred into the drive gear, so that it will push back into position.

  • Great job!. But you really need to implement a differential on the rear axle. If not, the car is not going to be able to turn normally.

  • Haven't watched the full video yet but wanted to start this comment. You explained gear ratios very well and used terms that everyone could understand. I like that.

    So after finishing the video i may have a suggestion that could help. You could use a twin shaft transmission. Meaning you drive gear from your power source runs through the center with your gear selection(ratio) running tandem down the sides with a single output in the center at the rear. It was a very common design for semi truck manual transmissions. I wish i could explain it better but it's hard to write out every single thing about that.

  • I'm super late. but would a piston instead of suspension help? One that changes it's distance when shifting gears same way as the driveshaft does already.?

  • What if instead of using a suspension to assist in the gear not slipping, you use another piston facing the opposite way and you just retract it as far as your 1st piston extends.

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