November 22, 2020

How to use SSD1306 128×64 OLED Display I2C with Arduino code

Learn Arduino in 30 Minutes (video):

This video practically with example shows you how to setup and use SSD1306 OLED display of size 128 x 64.
Custom code can print text on the screen easily.

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Download the code for SSD1306 OLED display from:

Learn Arduino in 30 Minutes (video):

Tutorial by Ahmad Shamshiri form Canada
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Tutorial by
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  • HI SIR CAN u help me, i have problem with my oled lcd, when i run the ic2 detector, its written not detected. i already connect the pin correctly, but it just wont display, already tried 0x3C and 0x3D. do u have any solution for this

  • Awesome video and is what ive been looking for. but i cant find your last simple code on your link. any idea where i can find it?cheers

  • I have one of these displays and I just want to use it as a basic serial monitor. Boring I know, but I can't figure out how to do it since these displays don't auto scroll like LCD's ive worked with in the past.

  • thanks man…i have been struggling with others tutorials… then i finally find you… thank you very much

  • I fabricated 32×32 OLED i can operate it? which additional circuit/module/driver will be required? thankyou

  • Hello sir. Mine is oled 128×64 1.3inch. But when i upload your code as you explained but the display is coming only in some part of oled. Will that code works for 1.3inch also. Or any changes to be done? Please help me sir

  • your are wrong.
    The number 16 and 16 that you change to 64 and 128 are not screen dimension,
    Those are fore logo dimension.

  • Hello sir, I'm on different project with oled, problem is that the 128*64 display stopped to work after first experiment with Arduino i2c example, can anyone help me please, it is my final year project, thanks in advance

  • First of all, congrats for your project and code. My doubt is how do you set yellow color in the code? Because my display just show in blue. And I saw in the video the word: "values" in yellow. Please help. Thanks

  • What a Great Video!!
    I like how you dig deep into the coding part where i often get lost and confused.
    I did Find some info further explaining 03C Vs 03D Here is a link further explaining the reason you need to adjust this setting.
    Hope it helps!

    Time 11:38 –> 12:53

  • Hi, I have a TFT 2.2" with 16 pins in one row. ( GND, 3,3V, CD, RS, WR, RD, RST ,LED, D0-D7 ) . It has RM68130 driver, <UTFT.h> library and I couldn't make it works. What is wrong in my project? Will you try to make a video about it? Thanks!

  • Hi Pak Robojax.
    welcome to meet again The previous arduino program is complete and successful.
    You happen to be talking about oled.
    I had a problem until I bought two oled same case. all the programs about oled, I try the results of both display images there are spots and pictures only at the bottom only. What is the problem?
    ask for the solution. Thank you very much

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