November 22, 2020

How to use SSD1306 128×32 OLED Display I2C with Arduino code

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This video shows you how to use SSD1306 OLED 128×32 Display with I2C connection.

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Get the code for this project:

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Tutorial by Ahmad Shamshiri form Canada
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  • Guys, please, is possible to connect three displays to one Arduino board and each display will show different text? Can I address somehow each of these 3 displays? Thank you very much for an answer 😉

  • Here's a helpful editor that can generate code for pixels:

  • Hi! Great video, thanks for it!

    Do you know how to change the address on the board? I can't find it anywhere!

  • Thanks for the very helpful tutorial. I was able to use this small display in my new project with the use of your code. Great display for limited space and low power.

  • Thank you for the video very helpful I have a project in mind for the display to add the display to an analogue clock to show only the date and day to show through a cutout on the face of the clock I would like to use an Arduino nano plus real-time clock, do you have a suggestion to show only the day and date please any help would be good thanks Bob in the UK

  • i am trying to make it work using a wemos mini d1, scl and sda are pin D1 and D2, but i get nothing on the screen when i use the examples. Any idea if i have the wrong pins?

  • Hi, I tried your sketch and the result is a bit strange because the size of the rectangle and the text inside is about vertically half sized. Width is o.k. Text can be read but abnormal. Sir, have you some idea?

  • Thank you , very informative; but the problem with ADA libraries is they are bloated. This little sketch uses 67% of program memory space and 77% of dynamic memory (Nano) . I think you might agree there is little room left for the user program and there are more efficient libraries out there. Your explanation was good.

  • Thanks, got a couple of these modules with no data on them, you helped me identify them and gave me a starting point. It’s truly amazing how simple it is these days to drive a display, used to take hours of fiddling with registers and bit timing to get one just to initialize.

  • Thank you for explaining this part

    #define LOGO16_GLCD_HEIGHT 32
    #define LOGO16_GLCD_WIDTH 128

    Was figuring it out for one day until I saw ur video

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