October 26, 2020

[How To] Use PSP Categories Lite 1.4 Plug-In For Organizing Games and Homebrew

Your modded PSP doesn’t have to have its own files in a mess. Whip it into shape with a categories plug-in!

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  • Can u teach me how tol add the Roms to the Emulators bc I have SNES And GBA but I want to add more GBA, GB. GBC, I want to add PS1 Games on it though 🙂

  • One of the biggest problems here is that you have your VSH file named "VSH.TXT" (since it's already a txt file, having the .TXT added to it, makes it unreadable by the PSP.. After I found another website that told me to get rid of the .TXT part, it worked perfectly.

  • I don't have a VSH.txt in the SEPLUGINS folder, should i make one and put ms0:/seplugins/category_lite/prx 1 in it. I don't have to put that other stuff thats for ur other plug ins right?

  • Do you know how to alphabetize the games/programs themselves? For example, if i click on the Games folder, i would want all of the games to be in alphabetical order/

  • Terrible video. You talk way too fast and you definitely don;t explain things properly, aside from skipping so many things. You should redo it, while speaking slowly and being more informative..

  • Strange, when I select Cont. Menu, instead of showing Games, PS1 Games etc. It shows CAT_Games, CAT_PS1 Games. How do I fix this?

  • what you have to do is go into recovery menu and down the bottom select reset VSH and it will update it for a second and hopefully work. This worked for me, i suppose you could also reset your psp.
    Also thanks Phoenix Media for another great tutorial this helped alot

  • do you download iso/cso files from emuparadise
    that website as roms iso and every type of game downloads and emulators

  • Hmmm.  I've actually downgraded from Pro-C on 6.60 with a newer version of GC Lite to v1.4 running on 6.20 Pro-B10 and it still doesn't work… with other firmwares etc and versions of GC Lite in between.  I can follow the video perfectly on my 04g PSP-3003 model and it just never works.  It's annoying as hell.

  • While using the pspHBSortTool or any game sorting tool (on the pc) my psp go refuses to cooperate. I find that the games never sort even though I click save changes or apply changes (depending on what I try to use). Even after using this plugin and using pspHBSortTool (which is supposed to be compatible with the game categories they never sort (even if I refresh the cfw or hit reset vsh or reset device). Any advice? 

  • hey dude im very sorry i know that video is super old but im having trouble installing this on my psp go prob 10 i have th plugin in the recovery menu but not in the stttings please help  and i dont want to change my cfw i hope i dont

  • You forgot to add "Reset VSH" — this may be the reason why some people here say the categories don't show up.

    So, once you've checked that the categories_lite is Enabled in the plugins section, in the "Recovery Menu" select "Reset VSH" — then you go to System Settings on your PSP and the new options should now be available.

    The other way would be (if your're using Fast Recovery) is to hard boot your PSP (As in turn it off completely) and restarting it then running Fast Recovery again… Reset VSH is easier though!

  • Important Guys if you have Fast Recovery to activate the cfw or something you need to stay them at the GAME folder because if you put on the categories, you wont activate the cfw after the psp hangs and restarts. (i hope you understand this)

  • I'm getting "Corrupted Data" for any Category (Game and ISO)
    Did name them "CAT_". I created a vsh text file and wrote "ms0:/seplugins/category_lite.prx 1", saved everything in the .rar file to "seplugins" and it's still displaying corrupted data. Data outside the folder is working fine by the way.

  • Dude how do you get mortal kombat trilogy to work? I'm on 6.60 Pro c2. Same with MvXmen and xmen vs street fighter

  • i have a psp go running cfw 6.60 proc2 i installed this and made the categories i wanted yet it doesnt work. and i reset vsh 4 times

  • Can you help please I downloaded this file and its alot of different files in one folder so which file is it that I put on my psp and exactly where do I put it on my memory card or on the psp itself in which folder and when I go to my recovery menu and select plugins there isn't anything in there please help I'm using pro 6.60 B10 I have a psp 3001

  • v2 also … if you wanna chat with me and stuff like that add me on skype … (however i leave in romania … so the timezones are complitly difrent , but i'm sure yo'll find me … i'm here all day 😀

    skype name / id / whatever you wanna call it … 😀 (Alex_Wolfenstein97) WITHOUT ( OR ) … 😀

  • This is KFA (kick fucking ass) 😀 … i'm using v1.5-R3 … ALSO if you are runing 6.60 pro u can mak it permanent by using CIPL FLASHER , BUT ONLY IF U HAVE V1/V2 NOTHERBOARD

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