May 6, 2021

How to get StarCraft II full version for free(no crack|DLC included)

Hello everyone!

It is very important to read the description if this didn’t worked for you.
10 minute mail:
fake it:
blizzard register germany:

open the game without blizzard app:

This video will show you how to get Starcraft II for free. I don’t know if this works for World of Warcraft or Diablo III, but if can play these games online, then you can play them. Blizzard has made a lot of security things in their games to ensure safety againist the cracks or other ways to get their games without buying them.
But they have no power while you are offline.


1) Create an account with country Germany and e-mail adress from sure u will remember or have the adress written somewhere, most probably u will need it later).
2)Verify the account(on u will need to click refresh this page then scroll down and click on account verification and click on the link).
3)Go to shop and buy what games u want, make sure u select payment option Direct debit.
4)Optional:Create a battle tag.
5)Copy the IBAN from It doesn’t matter what u write in the other fields, and then click pay.
6)Install the Blizzard app if u didn’t done this before. Log in with the account u created before.
7)Install the game u bought(make sure that the game will be fully downloaded else u won’t be able to play offline).
8)You have 2 hours before blizzard will ban you. Open the game from the blizzard app and log in. After that u can close the game.
9)Open the game again without going through Blizzard app. To do that, go into the game folder and locate the support subfolder. Once you’ve done that, locate the switcher(its called Sc2switcher.exe), create a shortcut for it and delete the shortcut that was created by the blizzard app. Its very important to disconnect from the internet before launching the game.
10)When game opens, type an e-mail adress name no matter which one, it just needs to be like this:
then type a random password and click log in. A window should pop up and click play offline.


If this didn’t work for you, make sure you did all these:

1)Select country Germany(if you didn’t done this, you will not have the Direct Debit payment option)
2)Download the Blizzard app after downloading and make sure the game is fully installed(if you didn’t done this, it will not let you to play offline)
3)Play at least once the game online(if you didn’t done that, you will not be able to press play offline)
4)After that disconnect from the internet every time you want to play the game and play offline(if you didn’t done this, you will get banned after about two hours)
5)Never again launch Blizzard app logged in with the account which you bought the game, so uncheck the box Keep me logged in ( 6:21 ) when you login into the blizzard app for the first time.(if you do this, blizzard will block your purchases and you will be able to play only the Starter Edition)

Leave a comment if it doesn’t work.


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