November 22, 2020

How to Co-op in Non-Steam Stardew Valley

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1. Download the last version of non-steam Stardew Valley:

2. Download and install Hamachi:

Obs: Each person who is going to play co-op must create a Hamachi account!

3. The host player must create a server with a limit of 5 persons (Hamachi free version)
and invite other players through the server information (name and password)

4. When everyone is connected to the server and the host player has started the server,
the other players should use the host player’s IP (hamachi IP) to join the game.

5. That’s it!


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  • An alternative to hamachi is Zerotier. I think it is much easier to use and manage the users than Hamachi. Also it allows 100 devices to connect to a free network instead of 5.

  • I have personally used Hamachi and felt that it sucks. I tried ZeroTier and felt that it was a bit too complicated to setup but works well. In the end I decided to go for Radmin VPN. Allows 150 users to connect and the user doesnt need to create an account. It hasnt failed me ever since.

  • Wow, I was wondering how to play multiplayer with my cousin while she was in some other place, didn’t even think of using a vpn! Thanks a lot!!

  • thank u for this! it worked perfectly! i was able to play co-op with ppl who have the steam version too, as long as they have hamachi installed as well. it worked in the non steam version too!

  • My friend just get infinity loading when try to connect to my host.. My frends get blue dot And not Green dot on hamachi programs … Its says tunnel relayed…please help 🙁

  • I tried every method but it doesn't work. I tried connect my friend server but connection failed and my friend tried connect my server but again connection failed.

  • i already downloaded it and it works very well with my friend who also downloaded this, tho im wondering if someone who has the paid/steam version of the game can be invited/play with us??

  • eu consigo conectar na fazenda do meu namorado mas só fica carregando, ele vê meu personagem mas não se move nem nada, oque pode ser?

  • Tried Zerotier it failed to connect. Hamachi worked for me and ti's not that hard, it's more simplier. I think it really depends from each network.

  • Não consigo nem com o Hamachi, nem com o Radmin D:
    Sempre da "falha de conexão", apesar de ter feito o processo antes e ter dado certo
    Pode me ajudar?

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