January 17, 2021


Inspired by both my father and @PG_Plup, I decided to show you guys some basics, tips, and tricks on how to play and become better at minesweeper. Slow and steady wins the race, but the speed is the only part that’s impressive. You must learn the ways of the mines, understand them, and only then can you conquer this algorithmic game.

Intro/Outro by @PG_Fyazko
Thumbnail by @Jampanos163



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  • The biggest trick that is pretty much the same as the two ones next to each other but can apply everywhere is just apply scenerios and see if the other numbers will fit in as well, even if you don't have all of the information. For example, if a tile is touching 3 pieces and it says two of them are bombs and right above the two is a one for a situation like this
    you wouldn't know which of the two are the bombs, but you know that since the tile adjacent to the two and above that one are both touching the 1, that only 1 of those can be a bomb making the bottom x that the two is touching bomb and the top x that only the one is touching not a bomb. It's impossible to have the numbers correct if you were to apply a bomb to the top x or not apply one to the bottom.
    there's countless examples.
    assuming there's no tiles touching the one besides the 3 Xs I marked, you would know that the bottom left would have to be a bomb, because if you look at the two, you know one of the bombs it's touching is the same one as the 3 assuming the 2 is at the top of the board, you'd know that the x right next to the two or 3 would have to be a bomb, but only one of them, and since the one is touching both the squares the two is, you'd know that the 1 bomb it's touching has to be one of those so if you know where one bomb is next to the three, and you have a 50/50 tile guess for the ones to the side and above it, then the third has to be a 50/50 for both the ones below. that 1 there is touching one of the ones below but we know that the tile it's touching with the bomb in it is touching the two, which means the bottom x can be safely clicked.
    It sounds complicated, but you'll get good and experience the frustration of explaining this concept to other people one day. Just start looking at it like, well if this 3 is touching 5 tiles we know that two aren't a bomb, then you can look at other close by numbers to give you clues, sometimes there aren't any, sometimes you spend 6 minutes analyzing an array of numbers that point to one not being a bomb and you click on it just to get stuck again.

  • Old video but I still wouldn't consider this a lesson on how to be a pro. How to get better as a beginner, sure. Missing some important pointers and guessed when didn't have to. Missing some strategies on how to flag bombs with process of elimination.

  • Don't You Hate It when You Have Found 95 out of the 99 mines and you're left with a 50/50 and you click the mine…. It Has Happened to me so many times! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! i got 79/99 Mines Found! i had 80 but the 80th one was not a mine! im so sad i had the right side finished and the left almost finished! :'(

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