January 17, 2021

Guide On HOW To Design & Create The PERFECT Farm Layout – Stardew Valley 1.3

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  • I focus more on farm animals than crops (I have four barns and two coops) so I'm gonna need wayyyy more grassland than what's here but thanks for the Stardew Planner website. I just got into the game and I'm definitely gonna use it to plan for my Year 3.

  • I’ve been trying to plan my farm using the tool indicater box and with little success thank you for showing the planer

  • I prefer more towards an unplanned farm. Path that is not straight. I think it looked cooler and more realistic. Just my opinion

  • This vid is wrong, Stardew valley isn’t meant to have perfect farms, everyone has unique farms that look different, as long as your having fun and enjoying your farm that’s what’s important. Mine might not look the best but it makes me happy

  • I feel like I would be more impressed if you didn’t use any mods for this video. Sure it will take forever, but that’s what everyone else starts with.
    Anyway, I run the Forest map. I have a ring of starfruit around ancient fruit in my greenhouse. Toss all of those when they are ready in a keg for 7 days for wine. I’ve decked out the basement with over 100 barrels for bumping up the quality, but I don’t fill them all at one time. 41 wine on the last day of a season, ready in 2 seasons. 41 wine on the 14th day in the next season. Same principle with the 3rd bout of wine. I snag about 300,000 when they are done. But it’s constant if your timing is right, no waiting 3 seasons for iridium quality at a bulk price of 1,000,000.
    Most of my buildings, minus animal, are on the green patches so I can have grass for my animals. 2 storage barns, one upgraded, holds the machines for artisan goods and whatnot. Two designated farming areas, one seasonal crops, the other flowers with bee houses. I think I had a Junimos hut at one point, but I got rid of it. I’m now saving up for the obelisks.

  • Honestly the perfect farm depends on the player. Each person has preferences on how they play, so the farm that best suits their preference is perfect.

  • Yeah I’m all ready married on stardew valley mobile and I have a rocky hill farm with a new baby so much wood😢

  • Do you cheat for money when you start? Or how do you get money so fast? If you can answer pleaseee tell me! x <3

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