June 13, 2021

Giant Jumanji Game in Real Life to Win Realm Royale for Game Master! | Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo is trapped as a princess for 24 hours to find the true Identity of queen and best friend reveal. Matt and Rebecca Matt and Rebecca were emotional when Connor leaves Game Master network after 24 Hours searching goes wrong. The Game Master network then competed in the 5 steps forward challenge with funny tricks and secrets. Rebecca and her best friends must win a giant jumanji game in real life to retrieve the portal jumper. The Halloween hacker spawns in and gives them tips and tricks to beat the game. They have a switch up when they enter jumanji and it turns into freaky Friday. The first jumanji level is fruit ninja in real life to win points. Daniel must be first to get out and must search for the first gem cupcake. The jumanji next level is a tea party straw challenge. Matt gets out by guessing lie detector mixture so Maddie, Rebecca, and Daniel must not chose the wrong drink. Matt must do a hide and seek chase with a member from the queen’s army and it turns into a battle royale. The next jumanji level is fortnite it feels like when we did ghostbusters in real life at our house. The best friends must capture the flag and Maddie uses her ninja moves to rescue Rebecca and win the game. The final jumanji round is an escape room in real life and we become spies in disguise to solve clues and riddles. Once we escape we find the portal jumper and use the cupcakes to put a lockdown on it. When we beat the game Mr. X and the Queen of Gems are waiting for us. The Halloween hacker says we must get back into the game to be safe. Can we last another 24 hours? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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