January 25, 2021

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Division of Law Enforcement Overview

Are you up for the challenge? Contact a recruiter with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for more information or visit www.JoinFWC.com.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has more than 800 sworn law enforcement officers, who work to conserve thousands of species of wildlife, fresh and saltwater fish.

The FWC Division of Law Enforcement is one of the strongest forces for conservation in the nation. These are highly trained, versatile law enforcement officers with full police powers with state and federal jurisdiction.

They are responsible for three million acres of fresh water lakes, 11,000 miles of rivers, streams and creeks, 8,400 miles of coastline and nearly 13,000 square miles of ocean. FWC officers watch over more than 34 million acres of land including wildlife management areas, state parks, forests and private lands. They also provide law enforcement services in rural, wilderness and offshore areas where no other law enforcement agencies routinely patrol.

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  • Yeah but they all have jobs right now as the rest of the world crumbles, I bet they still have secure pensions because they just take money from everybody else you know like the guy who's trying to go fishing to provide for his family who couldn't afford a license.

  • If it weren’t for the fact I don’t like snakes, alligators, and ungodly heat, I’d do it. Northeast Alabama is hot enough for me. That’s a whole nother level of heat. Snakes are bad enough here too. They’re terrifying down there. Luckily, no alligators here. No way in hell I’d go in the water there lmao

  • idk why we need to pay to fish, we should be made to pay if we take a fish ilegally like if its too small, etc

  • As soon as I'm 21 I'm going to work on the application process to becoming a Connecticut EnCon officer! 1 year to go! Just out of curiosity, if i were to transfer from CT as a conservation officer to Florida, would the application process be different or the same?

  • If I were only 15 years younger!

    Btw, where is our reality show? Texas and Maine do well, but Florida would knock it out of the park!

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