January 17, 2021

DIY Finger Hockey Game // Family Game Night // Wooden Game Build // Woodworking

Today’s woodworking project is another fun one that is great to work on with kids. It’s a finger hockey game board that is a ton of frantic fun. Build this one with your kids, then challenge them at the Family Game Night Championship!

Here’s the plans from the Rogue Engineer:

Full build article:

Check us out:

Nguồn: https://sam-pointer.com/

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  • Im currently doing my finger hockey out of an old drawers i found in the streets. I hope it work. 100% manually not machine involved lol

  • Hi Brent, I Bet your girls enjoy playing this game. Funny how kids can always be busy when you need them. Great job.

  • Would you possibly make one to sell? I’ve been looking all over the place for one of these for my brother but all the sellers on amazon have either bad reviews or no reviews. If you can I would happily pay you !

  • Hello my friend.

    I finally did it and finished it. I uploaded it to my channel if you want to watch it. I love this game. congratulations. Because of the Covid virus, everyone and the world are in quarantine. And nowadays we do different things. I hope the whole world gets rid of this damn virus as soon as possible.
    Stay healthy and happy.


  • Hello my friend.

    this game is so trendy these days. I decided to do it too.

    I wish you healthy days.

  • Another great video. Brilliant idea of using a dowel to make pucks. Game looks like a lot of fun but I saw you cheat and blocked your daughter's puck with your hand (and she still won!).

  • Great project! I like how you used a removable stop block on the table saw. I haven't used that saw much so hadn't even considered it but it makes sense now. Happens sometimes with my chop saw, not anymore thanks to that great tip 👍

  • What a great video! I like the commentary about the daughters. Hahaha! No sons? Also, that seems like a fun game! I’m too competitive, my wife might not want to play it with me. Haha.

  • What a cool project. I’ve never seen this game before but such a good idea. 🙌🏻😁 thanks for sharing!!

  • Looks like a fun game that can be made with scraps and easy to play! Nice build. Is that an old Shopsmith you're using?

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