July 18, 2021

Crusader 2K DMG | World of Tanks gameplay

World of Tanks Crusader is a British tier 5 medium tank.

The Crusader was developed by Nuffield Mechanizations Ltd. from 1938 through 1940. More than 5,300 vehicles were mass-produced from 1941 through 1943. They were most extensively used in the North African сampaign in 1941–1942.

NOTE: In WoT revision 0.9.18 the Crusader was re-classified as a medium tank, still at Tier V.

This removes the LT camo on the move characteristic. Otherwise the tech tree and specs are the same as they were in previous version.

The Crusader is commonly regarded as a difficult tank to play effectively, requiring a high skill level and punishing your mistakes at every opportunity. A previous update amended the Crusader from a light tank to a medium and this change still causes confusion today, as many topics relating to the Crusader still describe it as a light tank and a spotter, which it is not. This also means that your Covenanter crew cannot be moved into this tank without expensive re-training.

Its mobility is similar to the Covenanter, meaning that the Crusader is not the quickest or most agile of tanks and is only just able to escape from danger; Soviet heavy tanks such as the KV1S and the IS can virtually keep up with the Crusader’s acceleration and can kill you with perhaps a single hit. These are tanks you are guaranteed to face at some point and it is critical that you learn enemy weak points. The Crusader is most capable when played like a jackal, assisting other tanks in dealing with distracted enemies.

The Bofors which served previous British tanks well is not available for the Crusader and this creates a reduction in firepower, despite the Crusader’s high overall DPM. This can come as quite the shock to players who enjoyed machine-gunning enemies in the lower tiers.

The Crusader leads to the Cromwell.

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