July 17, 2021

Coding Challenge #71: Minesweeper

In this challenge, I attempt to code the classic game Minesweeper in JavaScript with the p5.js library. This video builds on some previous tutorials related to the Prototypes and multi-dimensional arrays in JavaScript.


Links discussed in this video:
🔗Minesweeper suggestion:
🔗Flood fill:

🎥 2D Arrays in JavaScript:
🎥 Prototypes in JavaScript:

Video editing by Mathieu Blanchette.

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  • "Neighbour count says there are no bees, so we have to reveal all neighbours, but not if they are bees"… This annoyed me more than it should have xD

  • I am going ti try and replicate this using pygame since I'm not quite good yet with js at all but I guess I've never tried pygame before but worth a shot

    Edit: Just did it, it was a lot harder than I thought since pygame's documentation is quite confusing for me anyw it was fun learning something new might try more things with pygame

  • I am trying to do this too but when i create the array from what ive seen in the first 12 minutes the grid is in the topleft corner and i cant see if every square has 4 lines

  • Hey I love your videos! Love the way you explain what you're doing and how you break down problems. I really enjoyed the maze video. I'm new to p5.js but I think it's a very clever platform. I've been watching your videos (usually when taking a break from work…) and this time I decided to try to make the exercise before watching your video. Here is what I came up with https://editor.p5js.org/lex.uhlmann/sketches/jtG-53xSx. You can middle click to flag cells. Now I'm gunna watch your video and see how you did it, probably differently, probably covering more edge cases than me 😀 Anyways, keep up the awesome content (and hope everything is going okay these days…) Peace!

  • easy to make it so you dont spawn a bee within a distance from the first click, just generate the whole map on the first click

  • Thanks for your "the coding train", here is my mine sweeper, http://dinochen.com/article.asp?id=330
    use delphi

  • One Thing That I Think Is Amazing About Daniel Is, Even Though His Fanbase Praises Him, His Ego Remains And His Head Is'nt The Size Of Earth

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