June 10, 2021

BANISHED Let's Play! – Late Game & Walkthrough

This is a video walkthrough and “Let’s Play” of BANISHED – focusing on the lategame.
Originally I made this into a series of videos but decided to put it up as one video with bookmarks instead.

Map Seed on “Rykkstad” the main playthrough map:
Seed = 478934428
Type = Valleys
Size = Large

0:00 – Introduction
2:40 – Skip Introduction: How I Build Banished Towns
10:05 – Crop Alternating/Spacing
17:05 – Workers & Building Types
24:15 – Late Game Review
28:45 – Flaws & Problems in Banished

32:50 – Final Thoughts on Late/End-Game
33:30 – Final Thoughts on Banished – Good & Bad, (+Tips!)

39:20 – BONUS: Preview of my next town (lessons learned)
42:30 – BONUS: Longest Bridge Contest!

My notes for this video
how to build a town:
– “settlement” cluster and “forestry” cluster
– starting out: fishery + town center, or build first “forestry” cluster
– expansion and how to design town:
— center: market, produced goods, houses, services
— exterior ring: crops
— expand to next area: forestry cluster
— stockpiles, barns, wells in all corners
– build bridges!!

crops, alternating:
– alternate crops/pastures/orchards to avoid pests spreading

workers and building types:
– foresters only need half (50%), but good to have 2x as needed
– herbalist x1 (2 workers/each) for each 200 pop
– hunters: max, in good area can double up
– gatherers: max, best food production, but cant double up
– woodcutter: between forestry cluster and settlement cluster, next to stockpile
– herdsmen: max
– farmers: minimum 50%, work up as food is needed
– trader: just need 1 in each trade yard
– all services: max

so what is lategame in banished?
– copy/paste of the same thing: clusters of farmer settlements, forestry clusters, etc.
– managing map space: be smart with how you build, especially permanent buildings, eg: mines and quarries
– this is not a city builder: the simulation of survival is the same at the end as it is in the beginning, there is no tech, productivity doesnt improve (actually it gets worse as your town spreads out)
– expanding is hard: collectors die (see problems/flaws below)
– you are at the late game once you have 2 settlement clusters and a connecting forestry cluster, the rest is just copy/paste until you’ve “conquered” the map.
– this is a sandbox game. not a city builder.

problems/bugs/flaws with banished:
– late game, large maps = starving collectors. collectors need to travel all the way back home to eat/gather resources. even if they live on opposite side of map and die on the way there.
— fix: make storage barns, stockpiles, and markets collection point for anyone, anywhere

thoughts on banished:
– too slow, unplayable at 1x, not worth playing at 2x — 5x or 10x only way to play game
– UI needs more efficient ways to jump to and control things
— cycle through buildings of a specific type (eg: tailor)
— set production to a specific type for all buildings of that type (eg: set all tailors to warm coats)
– there is no end game – once you get to a certain point, you just start over. this is a sandbox.
– amazing feat for a single developer
– really well built simulation engine
– impressively stable
– good UI, clean, easy to use, customizable!
– challenging – by game design, not by confusing mechanics
– simply complex = game mechanics are beautifully built, easy to understand (tutorial is wonderful), and complex enough to keep challenging you

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  • 36:03 The 3D accelerated graphics is about the only thing. There is nothing fun in this game, it's just making houses and gathering resources. I wasted my money on it.

  • Idle workers in the trading post probably act as labors so wouldnt it be better to max out workers at trading posts?

    Trading Post & Market Vendors both use wheelbarrows to transport 500 units of goods at once so ideally it feels like it'd be a good idea to have idle workers at all our trading post, right?

  • Tried to watch this. It is incredibly irritating to see you open and close the same windows over and over again.

  • please help me. I try a lot but ı cant make lot of foods ? my people always die because of starvation? ( first ı make big farm but it cant help me ) sorry for my english ım from Turkey

  • So, 2 overlaping hunting lodge aren't depleting the deer population? They are both running at 100% efficiency years long?

  • One of the best guides I've seen so far! Thanks a lot! I got to about 200 population and tips on efficiency are extremely useful for late game, so I do have a few questions:

    1. How much do your gathering huts produce? Having the houses built right next to the hut, they take up space which I'm assuming chips into the max yield. So far I only tried building the houses outside of the ring… not sure which is more efficient: having less travel time for the workers or having more "production squares" in the gathering area.

    2. I've noticed that citizens usually move into the house that is closest to their job. So in your case if you want to clear the top right corner of your map, wouldn't laborers move into the houses that are near the area designed for clearing? (assuming the houses do have extra space for them)

    3. How many houses can a fully staffed market support? I have 2 settlements so far, both have enough production to quickly fill up the market inventory, however on my 1st settlement I might have built too many houses causing high consumption so my market inventory runs low on supplies way too fast. 

    4. Whats the best population growth ratio? In early game I find that building 2-3 houses per year works decent, but later in game after 70-100 population it becomes more difficult to sustain a healthy ratio for growth. Would a constant 25% of children out of the total population be viable?

    Tip: To reduce the risk of infestation, what I do in addition to spacing out orchards and crops, I like to also rotate them. Basically when the orchard is fully grown I change it to a different seed – the farmers will start planting the new type of seeds as soon as the first trees become old and get chopped down. So I always have 2 different types of harvest from each orchard. With crops I alternate every 3-4 years. I still get infestation every now and then but not as often. As for livestock, I usually keep 1 empty pasture so I can quickly move the animals if they get infested.

  • Good guide.
    Even if he doesn`t add technology etc, no doubt some player will do once the mod functions come out 🙂

  • Superb video containing very clear and useful commentary. I enjoyed it very much, and watched it twice. 🙂 I like the ability to use 1X speed myself, sometimes I just want to watch the people.I find that I do that on all building type games, of which I have dozens.  Thank you.

  • Very good and useful video. Thanks for making it. I would like to see you play the beginning of a game as well. When to start building mines and quarries? When to start farming? When do you need a trading post? Build a school asap or wait? Etc. If you can fast forward an early game giving your thoughts why you do what you do that would be great. 

  • Great advice on late game issues. I really like your market and farming setup. One thing I have seen that seems to work really well and I am going to try is to put a gatherer's hut inside a forest beside a forester who only plants trees until it is very old and then stops working there. The gatherer got 4x the food I normally get from them. Also, with pests on livestock, moving the herd to an empty pasture will get rid of the pests and then you can change the herd type of the infected pasture to something else so it doesn't come back. For crops, harvest and change the crop type. Unfortunately orchards must be cut down as far as I know and I find them terribly inefficient compared to crops or livestock.

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