November 22, 2020

Another Decent Unknown ssd? Silicon Power S55

Today we take a look at another decent unknown ssd that has 1 major floor

Grab an S55 drive here:
TLDW: 7:45

Checkout PIA:

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  • I just ordered a brand new 512gb Silicon Power Ace A55 from eBay for $57 including shipping and tax. The seller was the official Newegg eBay account, so I know it's legit. Great deal! I can't wait for it to arrive!

  • How can I display this square or table shown in the screen, which tells me the speed ?? What do I write for shows ??

  • My pre Build had a 500Gb S55 from SP until that SSD died a few weeks ago, and i had to replace it. That was after about 6 Months of using it as a Boot drive and only running Minecraft on it. And i should probsbly add that i have never really moved my pc arround… so the ssd didnt get shakey trauma or something.

  • I just ordered a 128 gb variant to use as a boot drive because Kingston wouldn’t ship to me. $30 aud is a steal

  • Got my self a 1tb ssd from SG on sale at my local PC store for $59.99 US dolars + tax and i love it works great on my old e420 thinkpad, i was looking to buy a new laptop but this ssd make me want to keep my old thinkpad and algo got my self a usb 3.0 128gb flash drive from SG and also im happy whit the 2 of them i only have them for 4 monts now and so far so good 😁😁

  • I have the Silicon Power Ace A55 1TB SSD Review and it was 90 bucks 20 bucks cheaper than a Samsung 1TB Drive.

  • I got the 500gb version of this drive (need to check if it was s54 or s55) but it was I think s11 dramless ssd (ok same as what you have got)

    SLC cache is dynamic sized based on how much data is stored more data stored the smaller it is (norm it not be any smaller then 8gb slc cache size but when empty it can be as large as 50gb but depends how it's configured) the drive been more then 60-70% full does not disable the SLC cache its just smaller

  • silicon power is a pretty big budget company here in Canada, they sell their products everywhere. Pretty good quality stuff at really reasonable prices in my opinion

  • im am surprised tho that you never heard it before
    i see SP drives everywhere
    from kmart to office works and even one time at woolies

  • seriously how is sp unknown brand..they have offices in London,berlin and in wtf nosense u keep talking?

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