November 20, 2020

A modern church stage design idea (and how we did it)

We recently created a new stage design for the worship center stage, and this video shares where the inspiration came from, the different stages of how we built it and how we safely secured it to the stage and the building structure. I think it creates a great modern look (even with our dated red carpet!), and it wasn’t terribly hard to pull off.

This video covers:
* Where we got the inspiration for the new stage design
* How we used theatre production of flats using luan for our church design
* Using styrofoam ball halves in grid pattern design
* Safely framing and supporting a church stage design
* What we might do differently in the future

The idea wasn’t our own. In fact, we can’t even say we were the second or third person to try it. This and many other great stage design ideas can be found at this great website:

Andrew Hunt and his team at Blue Ridge Community Church in Forest, VA were the first to share this idea with the Church Stage Design Ideas website:

Laura Blechle and others from White Flag Christian Church in St. Louis, MO built on this idea to come up with this:

This is where we purchased the 3 1/4” styrofoam ball halves:

Something not mentioned in the video specifically, but these are the color bars we use to light the panels:

If you build a stage design inspired by this design, snap a photo of it and tag me in it (@davedolphinok). I’d love to see it!

For more advice from me personally, download this FREE e-book here:
“20 Things I Wish I Knew 20 Years Ago: Advice That Shaped Me Into The Worship Pastor I Am Today”

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