July 17, 2021

【Arknights】Reroll Guide & Step By Step Error FIXES!

Download Arknights on BS4 here (affiliate link):

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  • By the way you can exit stage 0-1 and get back into the main menu to collect the inbox rewards without beating the stage. You save a ton of time doing it :3

  • 1:13 Should clarify you mean "downloaded," not "installed." or else people will run into the problems you talk about later by installing the apk early

  • am i lucky that my first ever summon (specifically the tutorial summon) got me a six star Shining. should i even bother rerolling.

  • Hey mate thanks for the awesome guide, im having some trouble optimizing bluestacks can only run 4 instances before it starts chugging on a high end PC, tried optimizing it other ways having no luck, do you mind sharing your instance settings or anything else you do to increase performance, thanks.

  • During my CBT, I got a really good roll. Now in the official launch, I can't seem to roll the things I want, I just want SilverAsh.

  • Curious if you reroll on the headhunt banner guarantee 6* can you pull 2 6* or is that only on the second banner?

  • Here is what I did to reroll: I used yostar account instead of guest, but with a trash-mail with no password and to reroll you change the trashmail to something else. It went really fast without deleting anything and always on the same instance. In the end though when you got four final account, you have to do a little tweak. You want to bind your account to your real yostar e-mail. For that to work you cannot just unbind it and rebind to a different e-mail because once bound the account has to be bound to one thing at least. You have to bind your account to facebook or twitter( of course for me just trash-accounts as well) and once that is done you can unbind your yostar trashmail and replace it with your real yostar e-mail and after that unbind your facebook or twitter. Done

  • Went for the right side and got 6* Silverash, Provence and Manticore 5* /._./ totally worth it up to a good start

  • Thanks much for the guide!
    Got Ifrit and Angelina and still got the beginner banner for whatever that may give

    Wonder what's up with Ifrit, not one of the newbie six and no one says anything about her. Looks super cool(hot?) at least. Giant line aoe seems like a good idea

  • I heard that the rate on the banners for 6star on guaranteed 10th pull is 20 percent. The guarantee resets once u pull 5star tho. Thats why people do single pulls.. uf you do 10 pull for example and second is 5star. You can do two more single pulls to get the guarantee chance. Thats a good thing to keep in mind as well if you are about to do alot of rerolling.

  • Good luck with your rerolls everyone. Personally I'm going to just go with whatever I get and have fun. I rerolled too much in other games haha

  • Pulled a 5 star from tutorial pull right now, and 6* Siege from non beginner banner. I think I'm good to go lol.

    I could probably be more greedy, idk.

  • i got silverash from the forced summon at the start, tho with a stupid name, but eh 2 6*'s at the start idc

  • Thanks for the video! Are there any settings in bluestacks that you suggest changing from the default ones, to make the process of rerolling multiple instances at once quicker/smoother? 🙂

  • Another reroll method, that I personally found easier and less prone to weird glitches is instead of logging in as guest, use a gmail alias/salt account i.e. (YourName+##@gmail.com) It'll then send a verification code to your standard gmail (YourName@gmail.com) that you can enter and link that alias.

    When you're ready to reroll, just logout and click account management > Youstar and enter a new salt. The extra numbers will act as throw away emails and this allows you to reroll by just logging out and using a new number.

    I found this to be a less messy option than clearing cache/Ad Id, especially when multi-boxing .

  • I got Exusai, Siege, and Nightingale. I love this game so far. First pulled Siege and then Exusai was my next pull.

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