26 Naked Wedding Cakes That Are Natural Beauties

Frosting optional! These naked wedding cake ideas will inspire you to bare it all.

Published August 8, 2023

It's time to get naked for the wedding! Not you or your guests, but your cake. Made with minimal exterior frosting, naked wedding cakes aren't unfinished work. They're the perfect touch for a rustic, earthy, or even whimsical wedding. Or just a great alternative to a typical fondant wedding cake. Grab a snack and peruse these naked wedding cake ideas for some design inspo.

Naked Wedding Cake With a Pop of Color


You don't need to forfeit a colorful cake when you opt for a naked wedding cake. You can easily add the color by adorning the cake with flowers that match your color scheme and coordinate with your bouquet, whether they're edible flowers, piped buttercream, or gum paste blooms.

Semi-Naked Wedding Cake With Green Accents


This is the perfect semi-naked wedding cake for a rustic, woodsy event. It's also a great way to add an earthy touch without going floral. You can't go wrong with some added greenery, fake or otherwise.

Seasonal Fruit Naked Wedding Cake


It makes no difference if you're using the flavors of that fruit in your wedding cake, although it is a nice touch. But the fresh seasonal fruits, sliced, whole, or artfully cut into shapes, will complete the look of the naked cake.

Rustic Naked Cake With Flowers


As you plan your bouquet, plan a mini-bouquet to give to your naked wedding cake! After all, doesn't it deserve to be a part of your wedding party, too?

Simple With Greenery


You don't need to have a small wedding to have a small and simple cake. If you're serving up another dessert, keep the naked wedding cake small and simple, with just a whisper of matching greenery.

Winter Greenery


For those winter weddings where you don't want to bring any more snow to the occasion, you can add pinecones, cranberries, and evergreen foliage to the party.

Tiered Cake With Cascading Blooms


If you opt for a naked cake with several tiers, cover each level with blooms, blossoms, or other greenery that match the color scheme. Another idea is to connect them so they're one continuous cascade of flowers.

Berry Naked Cake


Sprinkle a few blueberries on top of the naked cake, or arrange them into a shape. Of course, you can also use raspberries, strawberries, blackberries - any berry that tickles your fancy and your tastebuds.

A Colorful Berry Layer Naked Cake


With berry-flavored cake layers, you can add pops of color between white frosting to your tiered wedding cake. Don't forget to adorn the top with complementary fresh berries!

An Everything Naked Wedding Cake


You don't need to limit yourself to only using fresh fruit when with your naked cake. Add a few cookies or other soft sweet treats along with a couple of small blossoms to make the top of the cake as grand as your nuptials.

Chocolate Drizzle


Just because you're skipping the frosting for a rustic, naked look doesn't mean you have to skip the drizzle. Go ahead and allow chocolate to drip and drizzle down the sides.

Tiered With White Chocolate Drizzle


Dress up your naked cake with a drizzle that drips softly down each layer. Whether you opt for white chocolate or another sweet drizzle that matches the frosting, you can still add fresh fruit and blossoms to the layers for an even more dressed up look.

Colorful Rainbow Naked Wedding Cake


Take a walk on the colorful, bold, and rainbow side with a beautiful and eye-catching display on your naked cake. Add fruits, blossoms, greenery, and sprinkles of powdered sugar, even edible glitter, for a cake that everyone will be taking about. It's nearly too pretty to eat!

Tall Naked Wedding Cake


The sky is the limit for your naked cake! You can use just one or two tiers, add a third, or keep building until it's exactly how you dream. Flowers or other decorations are the perfect way to complete the look of your towering cake.



For chocolate lovers, a naked cake with chocolate layers and chocolate drizzle is the way to go. Finish the look with fresh berries on top or add a few blossoms.



Pink or otherwise, an ombré look is perfect for your semi-naked wedding cake. You can go even lighter on the frosting for a more naked look, go from one color to another, or stick with a color to white fade.

Of course, you can skip the fade and use all one pastel, too.

Caramel Drizzle


There's no reason your naked cake can't be rich with flavors! Chocolate cake layers, buttercream frosting, and a caramel drizzle are the perfect way to do that. Top with golden berries or even caramel popcorn.

Semi-Naked Short Wedding Cake


Add thicker layers of frosting between layers while assembling the cake, then use the overflow to create a semi-naked look. Complete the rustic, earthy color scheme with two pieces of greenery.

Neutral Naked Cake


Opt for a muted or neutral look for your naked wedding cake by adding tan, brown, and earth-toned frosting and layers. Consider building out that theme by using peach, white, or yellow flowers.

Pops of Purple


Add a little bit of extra frosting to your cake, then give the wedding cake pops of purple by using purple flowers. Looking for a little more purple? Add a dab of pastel or bold purple icing for your naked wedding cake.

Semi-Naked Carrot Wedding Cake


Everyone loves carrot cake, although whether that's because of the cream cheese frosting is still to be decided. There's no reason your wedding can't have a naked carrot cake. Adorn with fake or real carrots on top! Don't forget the green.

Fall Blossoms


Perfect for autumn weddings or for those who love fall colors, consider a semi-naked wedding cake with flowers that are the color of the trees in fall: orange, red, and goldenrod yellow.

Floral Accents


If you were wondering if your naked wedding cake can be more flower than cake, it sure can! Allow the naked cake to be the backdrop to your flowers this time.

Elegant Naked Wedding Cake


With frosting just between the layers of cake, add baby's breath and blueberries to the top and along the bottom. Stick to the frosting on the sides for a simple yet elegant naked cake.

Rosy Semi-Naked Cake


Peach, red, or white roses? It makes no difference. But you can use multiple colors to make your semi-naked cake perfectly rosy.

Naked Wedding Cake With Powdered Sugar


Hold the frosting please! Use just enough frosting to layer the cake together, then sprinkle powdered sugar over the finished product. You can do this before or after decorating the top with fresh fruit or flowers.

Rustic and Chic Naked Wedding Cakes


It's time to strip down. Wait! Not you! The cake frosting. Skip the frosting and fondant and instead let the rest of the cake and the cake decorations do the talking. From colorful to neutral, there's a naked wedding cake for any wedding dream.

26 Naked Wedding Cakes That Are Natural Beauties